Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance services can be provided as part of a complete development project, or as a stand-alone service. We run the quality assurance operations in parallel with the development from the very start of the project. In line with Agile development, we continuously test the software throughout the development cycle.

We have experience from large scale projects targeted for the largest companies in the telecommunications business. We are aware of the extremely strict quality and time criteria that must be met in order to successfully launch a product in this industry.

The headcount of our quality assurance team is monitored during the project and adjusted if necessary to meet the schedule and quality criteria.

Depending on our customers' needs, we can cover the entire quality assurance function or parts of it:

  • Test planning, Test execution & reporting
  • Test case creation/test scripts development
  • Fault Management
  • Bug/defect Verification

We have the expertise to find solutions for these problem domains due to our embedded software experience. We are familiar with variety of embedded software development tools and design constraints of an embedded system.