Application/SW Development

Our software development services cover application development and embedded software development.

We have the expertise to develop applications for leading mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows phone. The scope of the project can either be implementation of an existing specification, or we can take responsibility of an entire project. We have the capability to manage requirements and specification work as well.

We believe in open, efficient and interactive team work. We set up frequent reviews with our customers during project execution to make sure all stakeholders are aware of the progress as well as accelerate decision making process.

Our development practices are built primarily on SCRUM. However, we can also use other traditional development mechanisms as necessary.

We balance our software development team structure on a per project basis based on expertise, proximity to customers, and cost competitiveness.

Currently, we have development teams in California, China, and Vietnam with full expertise in the following development areas:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile SW Embedded Development
  • Application SW Porting/Maintenance

We have the expertise to find solutions for these problem domains due to our embedded software experience. We are familiar with variety of embedded software development tools and design constraints of an embedded system.